SURVEY: 61% oppose Phil Murphy’s push for compulsory electrification

New Jerseyans aren’t nearly as excited about going electric as Phil Murphy. In fact, a near supermajority is opposed if it’s manadatory for residential homeowners.

According to a new survey of approximately 1,2000 registered Garden State voters from Affordable Energy for New Jersey, 61% opposed any attempt to require homeowners to switch over from natural gas to electric.

Supermajorities like natural gas (76%) and prefer it to electricity (67%). Meanwhile, only 6% preferred wind energy relative to other sources of energy like natural gas (22%) and nuclear power (21%).

“The results of this opinion survey clearly show that regulators and legislators are out of touch as to what New Jersey residents energy preferences are,” said Ron Morano, executive director of Affordable Energy for New Jersey. “We need sound energy policy that includes reliable, affordable and realistic choices not unrealistic, expensive mandates.”

Click here for the full results.

Governor Murphy’s purported “clean energy” goal would see New Jersey utilizing 100% so-called clean electricity by the year 2035,


Editor’s Note: Affordable Energy for New Jersey is one of several Save Jersey sponsors.

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