Author: Vincent La Iacona

VINCENT LA IACONA is a scientist living in Morris County whose side interests include politics, philosophical discussions and all of the other prototypical geeky things.

Living in New Jersey? Upset by the GOP tax plan? Forget what you think you know.

Save Jerseyans: I know there is consternation in New Jersey over the proposed Republican tax plan (the numerous versions of which will eventually go through a reconciliation process). While I think the tax plan is far from perfect, it’s a Read More

N.J. Republicans haven’t had a clear message. That needs to change in the Age of Murphy.

Save Jerseyans: I know things look bleak at the moment and many of you are booking U-Haul trucks already. Phil Murphy, our Governor-Elect, will become our new governor in 2018 and he’ll have the help of a legislature that will Read More

An Open Letter to Congressman Freylinghuysen

Dear Congressman Frelinghuysen, Being a Republican in your district, I feel ashamed to keep calling myself by that party name since we are now being labeled the party of fiscal irresponsibility. Since you are currently the chair of the Appropriations Read More

Trump May Love Winning But Republicans Remain Averse To It!

Let’s discuss the American Health Care Act (AHCA) disaster  in a little greater detail, Save Jerseyans, since there’s a lot of blame (and misinformation) going around. First and foremost, the American Health Care Act would’ve repealed only certain parts of the Affordable Care Read More