What Do Phil Murphy and Bruce Springsteen Have in Common?

Aside from far-left ideas and a New Jersey zip code? A shit ton of cash, Save Jerseyans. Check out this new analysis of Bruce Springsteen’s 2016 earnings from Billboard.com: Concerts/Touring: $40.9 million Recording Royalties: $1.4 million Overall Sales (e.g. merchandise): $804,900 Publishing (he wrote a book): $415,200 Streaming Proceeds: $167,500 Money… Incorporated. Thank God he’s finally paying his taxes. Only Beyonce […]

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OPINION: We’ve Seen And Heard Enough; Time To Let It Go!

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog — Now that the dust has settled, let’s get right to the point: the Bill Cosby trial was a travesty. Basically, this was a political show trial that was conducted for the benefit of the current Montgomery County (PA) District Attorney, Kevin Steele and those who voted […]

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Mistrial declared in Bill Cosby sexual assault case

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Bill Cosby’s trial on sexual assault charges ended without a verdict Saturday after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision in a case that helped destroy the 79-year-old comedian’s image as “America’s Dad.” Jurors deliberated more than 52 hours over six days before telling a judge they couldn’t agree on whether “The […]

Kathy Griffin, of bloody Trump head fame, now plays victim

Kathy Griffin, the sometimes comedian who was just ousted from her sometime CNN hosting slot – and fired from New Year’s Eve broadcasting duties – after she posed for pictures while holding a faux bloodied head of President Donald Trump, may have apologized for her outrageous behavior. But know what else she’s now doing? Griffin’s […]

Comedian Kathy Griffin performs last August at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center. She returns to the Bethlehem venue Oct. 4.

N.J. theater cancels Kathy Griffin show over Trump photos

The fallout over a widely derided photo shoot in which comedian Kathy Griffin was depicted holding a model of President Donald Trump’s decapitated head continues, as New Jersey’s State Theatre in New Brunswick has cancelled a planned November concert appearance from Griffin. The State Theatre made the announcement on its Facebook page on Thursday afternoon. […]

The Miss USA Uproar Explained: Liberals Believe Conservative Women Aren’t Women!

I do NOT watch pageants, Save Jerseyans. Not because there’s anything wrong with them as a general matter. I’m simply a man of the pre-pajama boy era. Sorry if you’re triggered by my gender-normative attitude. You’ll survive. In any event, I did read some recaps of Sunday’s 2017 Miss USA competition in Las Vegas, and as with […]

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Before Political Correctness, THIS Was Comedy!

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog — — I last saw Don Rickles perform more than five years ago in Atlantic City at The Borgata. People of all ages had come to see the show in Borgata’s Music Box, a jewel of a venue where there isn’t a bad seat in the house. […]

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DiMaio Pushes ‘Snooki Bill’ to Cap N.J. College Speaking Fees

Snooki and JWoww’s summers at the Jersey Shore are ancient history, Save Jerseyans, but one New Jersey legislator wants to make sure the former never gets another giant payday from one of the Garden State’s institutions of higher education. On Monday,  A714/S2355 sponsored by Assemblyman John DiMaio (R-Warren) advanced on a 6-0 vote to the […]

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These Celebrities Don’t Like Trump’s Immigration Policies. Will They Offer Up Their Mansions?

February 8, 2017 Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog — There’s a crisis worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of migrants are fleeing oppression and they’re looking for homes in our country. Of course, we’re not supposed to call them illegals, for that would be politically incorrect. So, no matter their obvious legal status (or […]

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CONWAY: Did Meryl Streep show concern for the abused Chicago boy on Facebook Live?

This morning on Fox News, New Jersey native and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway gave voice to what many Golden Globes viewers were thinking last night, Save Jerseyans, while actress Meryl Streep delivered a much-discussed anti-Trump on-stage tirade…. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrdReoHAi6M ____

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Donald Trump dismisses Meryl Streep as ‘over-rated,’ denies mocking disabled reporter

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday dismissed actress Meryl Streep as “over-rated” and a “Hillary flunky” the morning after Ms. Streep delivered a scathing critique of Mr. Trump at the Golden Globe Awards. “Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes,” Mr. Trump […]

CIRUCCI: America’s Favorite ‘Princess’ Is Now Gone Forever

December 27, 2016 Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog — America doesn’t have royalty. It’s not in our DNA. But Hollywood, the Dream Factory, has its own kind of royalty. And, there was a young lady who not only had movie royalty in her bloodline but who also played a princess on the […]

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After the cast of “Hamilton” lectured Mike Pence, someone unexpected came to his defense

The morning after Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended a performance of “Hamilton” in New York City, a debate has popped up across the country over whether it was appropriate for the cast of the show to address Pence during their curtain call. After Pence’s appearance had drawn boos and cheers from the crowd, cast member […]

Hillary Clinton, Obama make final push in Philadelphia with Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi

Hours before the polls open, the Clintons and Obamas appeared together on stage in Philadelphia Monday night and cast Tuesday’s presidential election as a fork in the road of American history, an opportunity for voters to continue forward or “turn the clock back” by embracing Republican Donald Trump. The star-studded rally – which included performances […]

Springsteen on Trump: ‘The republic is under siege by a moron’

The Boss isn’t fond of the Donald. Bruce Springsteen excoriated Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in two recent interviews, calling the former Atlantic City casino magnate a “moron” and a “great embarrassment.” The New Jersey-born rocker who campaigned for President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 had, until now, remained mostly quiet about the current […]