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After MF Global Meltdown, Jon Corzine Still Raising Big Bucks for Desperate Obama

Former Governor Jon Corzine had previously raised $500,000+ for President Barack Obama’s reelection effort.

Then the DNC and Obama’s campaign returned $70,ooo of it when the MF Global debacle kicked into high gear.

Now as you can see via the chart on the right, Save Jerseyans (Exhibit A), Barack Obama is apparently “over it,” i.e. he’s no longer concerned about Corzine’s ethical issues.

How do we know? Jon Corzine is back on the $500k+ bundler list! At least according to the latest fundraiser run-down posted on the President’s campaign website.

It’s no secret that the President high-dollar fundraising is lagging badly this time around.

I suppose taking money from Jon Corzine – after having previously returned it? – is just the latest sign of real desperation from embattled Team Obama?

7 comments on “After MF Global Meltdown, Jon Corzine Still Raising Big Bucks for Desperate Obama

  1. shore thing says:

    Yea Obama is for the middle class all right….

  2. Violet says:

    Where is Eric Holder on this one? Could Corzine's contributions have something to do with the lack of condemnation from the Admin? Imagine if Corzine was an R! They'd be all over him.

  3. Reality Check says:

    Good reporting, Matt. Where is the media on this?!?!

  4. John Balzer says:

    The stench of Corzine is the gift that keeps on giving. Why doesn't Christie veto the dirty Prudential deal that was spawn under the Corzine regime? Everybody knows Prudential was ineligible to get tax breaks. They never planned on moving from NJ and getting $2.5 million dollars per JOB created is

    just ridiculous.

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