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Lonegan Internal Poll: Booker +3

GOP U.S. Senate Campaign Leans On Positive Internal Polls, Republican Base Draws Down Closing Stretch 

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Sarah PalinReady or not here she comes, Save Jerseyans.

Not physically. Just with her name and online prowess.

The Lonegan campaign announced today that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is formally endorsing Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate in his race against Cory Booker (D-Twitter).

She won’t make a physical appearance in the state but does plan to utilize social media to advocate for the Republican nominee. Small donor attraction is obviously part of it.

Sarah Palin isn’t exactly America’s favorite politician (in fact, she may be among its most polarizing), but the Lonegan camp has pursued a strategy designed around reinvigorating base turnout in an odd-ball special election.

It might be working.


Public polling shows Lonegan trailing by low double digits after polling behind Booker by Buono-esque margins for most of the summer.

Lonegan pollster Rick Shaftan long insisted the race is actually in single digit territory; he tells Save Jersey that their most recent 4-day tracking internal survey shows the race down to a 3-point Booker lead, 47% to 44%.

Shaftan believes a spate of bad press clippings for the frontrunner Democrat is taking its toll by driving Booker’s negatives sky-high…

Palin’s endorsement, unsurprisingly, took aim at Booker’s record. “During one mayor’s tenure his town’s unemployment nearly doubled, taxes skyrocketed, and violent crime increased; but in fairness, Newark Mayor Cory Booker may not have noticed these facts between his constant tweeting and trips to Hollywood,” quipped Palin in her release. “Contrast this with Mayor Steve Lonegan. As mayor, Steve cut wasteful spending, eliminated wasteful services, stabilized taxes, and reduced debt. Perhaps it was Steve’s prior experience as a successful small business owner and entrepreneur that encouraged him to lead with conservative principles. He understands that government is too often the problem, not the solution.”

66 comments on “Lonegan Internal Poll: Booker +3

  1. Susan Patricia via F says:

    love it

  2. Joe Vivo via Faceboo says:

    An endorsement helps, but how popular is Palin in our commie state? May hurt him

  3. Palin is a non factor . This definitely hurts more than helps.

  4. Jackie Stamper Sicil says:

    It's money and volunteers for Steve Lonegan For U.S. Senate

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  7. Anonymous says:

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