Putting the State’s Biggest Hypocrite on Notice

Putting the State’s Biggest Hypocrite on Notice

State Senator Loretta Weinberg has been in a Trenton for a really a long time, Save Jerseyans.

Plenty long enough to perfect the art of hypocrisy.

Her latest lapse of sanity takes the cake. As you know, we’ve extensively covered the Senator’s absurd, insulting, and unquestionably unconstitutional “travel notice” legislation; it’s an effort to force Governor Christie to disclose every time he leaves the state for any reason, public or personal. In my original post on the topic, I pointed out how Loretta conveniently never once demanded to know the whereabouts of Democrat Governors Jim McGreevey or Jon Corzine, two men who engaged in infinitely more suspect activities in their off-hours than Governor Christie ever has.

Where were the demands for 24-hour notice requirements back then? Jim McGreevey used a state police helicopter more in his first ten months than Governor Christie is on pace to fly in two full terms. And he wasn’t going to little league games, folks.

But long before “Golan Cipel” and “Carla Katz” became household names in the Garden State, Loretta Weinberg demonstrated her fervent opposition to another type of supremely logical notice: for the parents of pregnant minors considering an abortion. In her first year as a state legislator, she appeared opposite Republican John Hartmann on CTN (talk about retro, huh?) and slammed a pending parental notification bill. “Abortion in the first trimester is not considered major surgery,” lectured Weinberg. “This is a private decision between a woman and her medical provider and it is not the place for the state to intervene.”

A “woman” who is 16.

That’s Loretta’s priorities for you. A review of the major points:

1. Notice for Steve Sweeney and Sheila Oliver every time Governor Christie crosses a bridge or boards a plane? Yes.

2. Notice for taxpayers every time Jim McGreevey shacked up in a rest stop or, a few years later, whenever Jon Corzine shacked up with a public labor leader during state contract negotiations? Nah.

3. Notice for the parents of a pregnant minor girl weighing the life of an unborn child? Never!