Senator Tom Kean Talks Income Tax Cuts on Power & Politics

Senator Kean, a good friend to us here at Save Jersey, was recently on NJTV’s Power & Politics program to discuss Governor Christie’s FY2013 budget and the 10% across the board income tax cut/earned income credit increase that will benefit all New Jersey citizens by letting them keep more of the money they earn.

These issues are going to be huge in the coming weeks, so brush up on your tax policy, Save Jerseyans.

Watch the video:


8 thoughts on “Senator Tom Kean Talks Income Tax Cuts on Power & Politics

  1. A issue isn't huge because you say it is …..PROPERTY TAXES are HUGE ….ask any taxpayer in the state

  2. The Govs plan gives the middle class a few scraps while the major $$$ cuts are for those making over $1 million/year. They would get 7k+ in tax cuts while those making 75k/year would get around a hundred bucks/year (if that.) If there is actually money for a tax cut (which is highly debatable), bring back property tax relief.

  3. The income tax cuts will be a huge issue because they are going to be fought over during the budget season, and property taxes are always a huge issue.

    Im not sure what you personally think of me, but I do have at least some sense of humility lol. I think issues can be huge on their own, whether I say so I not.

  4. See this is what I don't understand. Say that the property tax relief came in at the same "few hundred bucks/year." Is it somehow better because its a property tax rebate rather than Trenton not stealing money from your paycheck? When did a tax cut stop being a tax cut simply because its not a certain type of tax?

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