Cold Hard Facts Support Christie’s “Sitting On a Couch” Comment


It’s the percentage of federal income taxes paid by the top 25% of American wage earners… as of 2009. An unbelievably high 47% of filers paid absolutely nothing! And as you might expect, Save Jerseyans, the shocking and dangerous gulf between “those who earn” and “those who burn” has only increased since President Obama assumed office.

Less people earning. Fewer paying more. A record number of American on food stamps (including 1 out of 10 Garden State residents in 2011).

That’s the Obama legacy!

Our always-quotable Governor Chris Christie undoubtedly had all of this in mind yesterday afternoon when he addressed assembled guests of the President George W. Bush Institute in New York.

Joined by Steve Forbes and Paul Ryan, New Jersey’s Governor took square aim at American’s burgeoning culture of entitlement and dependency:

When the American people no longer believe that this is a place where only their willingness to work hard and to act with honor and integrity and ingenuity determines their success in life, then we’ll have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check.”

More truth bombs from the Big Guy:


Now it’s to be expected that certain assorted lib labs and Christie-haters will attempt to characterize the Governor’s “couch” comments as insensitive. Insufficiently compassionate. Mean. Cruel. Cold even!

We’ve heard it all before.

But guess what, Save Jerseyans? He’s 110% correct. The cold hard facts support it, and the American people need to respond appropriately at the polls before it’s too late for meaningful corrective action. Don’t blame the messenger!


5 thoughts on “Cold Hard Facts Support Christie’s “Sitting On a Couch” Comment

  1. Christie's comments are laughable. Government isn't telling people anything. You expect to learn anything from Steve Forbes on fiscal responsibility? Give me a break.

    Did you guys even read the NPR piece that you linked to?

    Here are your "cold hard facts:"

    1. The economy isn't the greatest right now in case you haven't noticed. Family income has dropped and many families now fall below the thresholds where the standard deduction drops their taxable income below zero. In other words, these people are too poor to pay income taxes.

    2. Numerous other tax credits for people that make even less (for example the childcare tax credit, the earned income tax credit and other child related reductions) permits those poor people to also not qualify to pay income tax.

    3. Seniors who receive Social Security benefits are exempt from income tax.

    There's your 50%.

    The best way to change this is to do whatever is necessary to get people to, uh, not be poor. When the Rs come up with a plan that addresses issues related to job growth, poverty, and the like, we would love to hear it. Blaming poor people for being lazy is certainly not a recipe for economic success.

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