‘Save Jersey’ Under New Ownership

‘Save Jersey’ Under New Ownership

Dear Save Jerseyans:


It is with a heavy heart that I announce the purchase of Save Jersey by a group of investors led by George Norcross III.

Henceforth, Save Jersey will be rebranded as “Save Norcross.” Our site will then merge with the soon-to-be purchased Philadelphia Inquirer and, subsequently, New Jersey’s #1 conservative blog will cease publishing independent political content and begin running exclusively wall-to-wall advertisements for Cooper Hospital and Conner Strong Buckelew.

The good news? Plenty of toll-funded “development” dollars will be forthcoming from the DRPA for web development, and I’m also told blogging internships for Save Norcross will be worth approximately 2.5 credit hours at Rowan Law School.

Other major acquisitions are currently in the works, too; for example, MoreMachineMusings.com is expected to be live by June 1st. Exciting times!

Further questions, comments or concerns regarding this merger should be directed to your new blogger-in-chief, Steve Ayscue.

And please don’t worry about me, Save Jerseyans. It was fun while it lasted. If you need me, I’ll be golden-parachuting onto the lawn of my new LBI bay front villa just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. 


Sincerely Selling Out,

M. Rooney


Oh, and P.S. – Happy April Fools’ Day!


6 thoughts on “‘Save Jersey’ Under New Ownership

  1. This is an interesting move, thuogh rather belated. Had an op-ed like this come 6-8 months ago (preferably from someone with a surname other than Norcross easily arranged, I'd think), it might have sparked a Rutgers-Camden grassroots movement in favor of some sort of reconsideration of Rutgers-Camden's role. Coming at this point, it's going to be part of a larger process of walking this thing back. Probably Rutgers-Camden will tack a future course between the arms of New Brunswick and the SJ pols for as long as possible, to maximize its bargaining leverage.

  2. As a resident of cmedan it is really hard to believe that turning over Rutgers-Camden to Rowan administration (Norcross hands) would benefit Camden. Rowan has a satellite campus in Camden that had been outgrown by Camden County College until the recent addition of the Medical School. Cooper Hospital like to talk about how beneficial it is for the city yet they have not spent any money outside of the downtown area where they are located. Rutgers-Camden has done more for Camden than Cooper and Rowan Combined. I have no clue how Christie or anybody may think this will be beneficial for the city of Camden.

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