Neville Obama

President Obama treats anti-semitic radicals with more respect than Jan Brewer, Save Jerseyans.

Take for example White House Spokesman Jay Carney’s Sunday evening congratulatory message to the new president-elect of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. An excerpt (because any more will make you hurl):

We believe in the importance of the new Egyptian government upholding universal values, and respecting the rights of all Egyptian citizens – including women and religious minorities such as Coptic Christians.  Millions of Egyptians voted in the election, and President-elect Morsi and the new Egyptian government have both the legitimacy and responsibility of representing a diverse and courageous citizenry.”

Asking the Muslim Brotherhood to respect Christians is a lot like asking the Nazis to respect Jews. Or asking the Muslim Brotherhood to respect Jews!

Same bigotry, different packaging.

Not that the Administration respects Christians here at home in the United States.

Dangerous appeasement abroad. Religious discrimination domestically. The Neville Obama Doctrine?