POLL: How Will You Vote on the Judge Pension Amendment?

After more than a year since the public pension issue was dealt with by Governor Christie and Senate President Sweeney a number of holes continue to remain unplugged.

However one of the largest ones, the idea that the pension rules for public servants and employees somehow does not relate to judges under the New Jersey Constitution, may be closed soon enough.

Yesterday the New Jersey legislature acted in harmony near perfect harmony for the first time in a long time. Utterly disappointed on both sides of the aisle with the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision to not apply the new rules to judges, both parties in both houses cast their votes in favor of overturning that ruling statutorily. And now it is up to us.

This coming November we will all get the chance to weigh in and amend our state constitution. The Court had its say, the Legislature had its say, and now we will have ours? So how will you vote?

Should Judges Be Subject to the New Pension Rules?
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28 thoughts on “POLL: How Will You Vote on the Judge Pension Amendment?

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