Is He Just Being Modest? Or Does Portman Knows Something We Don’t?

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At least until very recently, Chris Christie thought Rob Portman was the favorite to serve as Mitt Romney’s running mate; Portman, however, disagrees.

On Wednesday night, the freshman Ohio senator told guests at a Denver, Colorado fundraiser that he doesn’t think it’s him (h/t

I just got elected two years ago. I think that’s where I’m going to end up staying. I think it’s a very important position right now. And right now Congress is paralyzed. And we’re really in kind of a partisan gridlock. We need leadership, and that’s where I intend to stay. I think I can really help in there. That’s where I think I’ll end up being.”

Is he just being modest? Could this be a misdirection? Perhaps NO ONE (including Mitt) knows the answer at this point in time? Or does Senator Portman simply know something that we don’t, Save Jerseyans?

Oh, the suspense is killing me…

But if Portman IS right, then this could be a wide-open process without the man who most people considered the clear frontrunner. Paging Governor Chris Christie?


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