Month: August 2012

Like His Hero Springsteen, Christie’s Fame is Going International (VIDEO)

Walking the cavernous RNC 2012 media facility in Tampa, Florida, containing row after row of working journalists–15,000 in all–I was curious about their interest in Governor Chris Christie. After all, I figured it presented an interesting and unorthodox opportunity to Read More

Dinesh D’Souza Dishes to Save Jersey on Chris Christie: “Big Guy for Small Government” (VIDEO)

I caught up with renown conservative author and creator of the new hit motion picture documentary ‘2016’ DINESH D’SOUZA yesterday at the Tampa RNC, Save Jerseyans. Great movie by the way!!! Click here to find a ‘2016’ theater near you Read More

Christie Keynote Demonstrates Why He Scares Democrats

Liberal partisans in the social media sphere had very little bad to say about Governor Chris Christie’s Tuesday night keynote address. It’s deeply satisfying to see someone finally shut them up! In fact, the only criticism they could muster — Read More

@GovChristie’s Full RNC Keynote Address (VIDEO)

Did you miss history last night, Save Jerseyans? No biggie. The text of Governor Chris Christie’s incredible keynote address at the 2012 RNC is right here. The video (intro and actual keynote address respectively) are posted below. Watch, share, and Read More

Follow Along: Full Text of Chris Christie’s Keynote Speech

Below is the text of Governor Christie’s keynote speech to the 2012 RNC (first obtained and published by the Drudge Report). Click “Continue Reading” if you’d like to follow along with Governor Christie on his big night in Tampa! And Read More


The BIG MOMENT has finally arrived, Save Jerseyans! Here’s live stream coverage of Governor Chris Christie’s 2012 RNC keynote address, in its entirety, from the convention floor in Tampa, Florida; if it’s not working, visit The Right Scoop for multiple, back Read More

NJ Delegates Dish On Christie Keynote (VIDEO)

I rode over to the Tampa convention site earlier tonight from the NJGOP hotel with members of the state delegation, Save Jerseyans. Naturally, I had to pick their brains about Governor Chris Christie and the big keynote address: httpv://