This Isn’t Over. Not By a Long Shot!

Be of good cheer, Save Jerseyans.

Yesterday’s Gallup Poll of registered voters shows Mitt Romney trailing Barack Obama by only 1-point (47% to 46%).

Obama led John McCain by 4-points (49% to 45%) on that same date in 2008. And keep in mind… the Gallup Poll leans left (it predicted 13-point Obama victory in ’08 but the final result was a 7.2-point Obama win) and registered voter polls tend to lean Democratic, too.

Better yet, the GOP-leaning Rasmussen Reports had Romney up 2-points nationally on Tuesday and, interestingly, up 2-points in Colorado. Scott Rasmussen had the national race tied four years ago on the advent of the financial crisis… one week later, he found McCain trailing by 5-points.

A little contrast? The RCP average is still populated by registered voter polls; the most recent is an NBC/WSJ poll showing Obama up by 5-points nationally (50% to 45%).This poll in particular has 32% Dems and 25% Republicans (42% to 37% including leaners)… close to the ideal Democrat 2008 turnout model.

This is a tie ball game, folks. We still have four debates and plenty of pro-Romney money to go through before November 6th. The polls are wrong and media outlets are trying to break your spirit with the goal of keeping you away from the polls/phone banks/tea party meetings. KEEP THE FAITH. Save Jersey is a “naysayer free” zone through November 6th…