New Monmouth Poll: Romney Leads Obama by 3-Points

There’s good news for Mitt Romney in the latest survey results from Patrick Murray’s Monmouth Polling Institute.

According to Murray, “Gov. Romney leads the incumbent by 48% to 45% among likely American voters…”

Following the first debate earlier this month, Romney held a one point lead. The current results mark a reversal from Monmouth’s mid-September poll when Pres. Obama held a 48% to 45% advantage in vote intention. Currently, 3% of likely voters say they will vote for another candidate and 5% are still undecided about their choice – results which have held steady since June.

45% is a PATHETIC likely voter number for an incumbent president, Save Jerseyans. This is horrible news for Barack Obama. There’s no way to spin it!

Digging deeper, these latest Monmouth polling results reflect big gains since the first debate for Mitt Romney, particularly among women and early voters. Romney is also faring much better in the foreign policy arena (which amps up pressure on the President heading into tonight’s foreign policy debate), and “Grinning” Joe Biden’s favorability ratings have dipped since the Veep debate while Ryan’s ratings have improved. No shocker there…

Click here to view the full report and data tables.


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