Black Friday Hypocrisy

It’s getting harder and harder to stomach these people, Save Jerseyans.

The newly-reelected Bob Menendez is running around on Black Friday asking New Jerseyans to buy local as the Garden State strives to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Great advice.

The problem? Senator Menendez and his party have done anything and everything to complicate for New Jersey’s small businesses.

Beginning January 1st, Taxmageddon will disproportionately impact small businessmen because of how small businessmen report their income. No one party is responsible for the fiscal cliff, but the economic philosophy that now dominates the modern Democrat Party is 100% to blame — whether it was Democrats or Republicans practicing it.

So spare us your “shop local” lectures, Senator. We’d prefer substantive action instead of empty words. And if you’re not willing to help small business, then at least stop working against it.