Joe Biden Joins Kim Guadagno for Jersey Shore, Hoboken Storm Damage Tour

If there’s anything controversial coming out of THIS particular storm damage tour, Save Jerseyans, it’s likely to come out of the federal officeholder’s mouth.

Of what do I speak? This Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden (D-Parks and Recreation) and Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno (R-NJ) are inspecting Hurricane Sandy destruction in Hoboken and the Jersey Shore.


Insert punchline here, Save Jerseyans… I’d love to be a fly on that wall. So would The Onion editorial staff.

I’m very confident that the former sheriff can take of herself. That said, packing some Aspirin and ear plugs might’ve been advisable. Uncle Joe also loves those long, uncomfortably close handshakes with attractive ladies for which you need to watch out. Ask poor Janna Ryan. And last but not least, LG, do NOT get near his lap! No matter how nicely he asks, and no matter how vehemently he claims to be Santa. All of Santa’s hair is unplugged.


Matt Rooney
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