Another Record Traffic Month at Save Jersey

Another Record Traffic Month at Save Jersey

October was an objectively crazy month, Save Jerseyans.

A close presidential election and a historic hurricane consumed much of the oxygen around here. If you want to make the blogging gods laugh, then tell’em your plans, right? We’re nevertheless grateful that you decided to turn to us for your news and analysis.

And you came in huge numbers… Save Jersey hosted over 50,000 more “unique” visitors in October 2012 over October 2011!

Clearly our movement for a freer and more prosperous Garden State is gaining traction. There’s no reason to stop now. We’re days away from the most important presidential election since at least 1980, and when 2013 arrives in a matter of weeks, we’ll turn our attention to Governor Christie’s reelection campaign and a host of anticipated legislative battles. So please keep reading daily, comment on our posts, tell your friends about Save Jersey, and be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube, too.

Most of all, thank you for your friendship. We’ll continue to fight for you, folks, if you continue to stand by Save Jersey!


78 thoughts on “Another Record Traffic Month at Save Jersey

  1. Congratulations! You all do a wonderful job of keeping us updated about what is happening in the Garden State. I appreciate your insight and perspective.

    Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Jersey!

    Sue Ann Penna

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