WINNING BIG: Christie Rallies Labor, Aims to Bank $2M by December 31st (VIDEO)


Videos like this one make you wonder, Save Jerseyans.

In case you missed it, here’s coverage of Chris Christie’s major Tuesday afternoon labor endorsement (h/t Calkins Media):


There’s that word again… “big.”

As if winning wasn’t challenging enough for Democrat flirting with 2013, the Governor’s people have leaked news of their goal to raise $2 million for the Christie/Guadagno reelection campaign by the end of the year. That’s a LOT of money for a gubernatorial race in only two weeks.

But I think Dan Cirucci said it best here at Save Jersey: “[c]learly, he’s seeking re-election but he’s not out to simply win. No, he wants to win in a rout. He’s out to win BIG.” Team Christie wants Booker/Sweeney and anyone else with a remote chance of victory to think long and hard (very hard) about a gubernatorial challenge over the holiday season. It’s strategy that, from the best I can tell, is working pretty well thus far.

Did I mention how Steven Spielberg called Christie his “hero” the other day? Maybe a “big” movie will be in the works by the time this is all over…