Sandy Concert Haul Falls Short of Katrina Benefit; Is the Media to Blame?

According to The New York Times,  12-12-12 concert organizers believe their effort “brought in at least $30 million from the sales of tickets and corporate sponsors, chief among them JP Morgan Chase & Company.”

Ironic, right? To see a bunch of far-left liberal rockers throw a relief benefit whose biggest sponsor is JP Morgan?

Of course, as I’ve argued here at the blog, our superstorm-battered tri-state region would be much better off if we could recoup just a fraction of the billions New Jersey and New York alone send to Washington ever year. We could rebuild without Obama or Springsteen’s help! And wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing? A return to self-sufficiency with a little help from our friends?

And here’s something else worth considering which we haven’t yet discussed…

As of this moment, for all of the media hype surrounding the event, Wednesday night’s Sandy benefit looks to have fallen about $20 million short of the roughly $50 million generated by the 2005 Katrina benefit concert (where Kanye West infamously shared with a stunned audience his belief that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”).

Makes you wonder: did all of the negative publicity surrounding the Katrina federal response boost the 2005 concert’s totals and, even MORE ironically, did gushing media praise of President Obama’s Sandy response hamper this latest benefit concert’s fundraising efforts?