Save Jersey’s Point Pleasant Stroll

Save Jersey’s Point Pleasant Stroll

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Point Pleasant Beach BoardwalkWell, Save Jerseyans, we had a great time at the NJYRF Convention today at beautiful Point Pleasant Beach. You missed out if you slept in! The skies were gray but spirits were high as enthused 20- and 30-something New Jersey Republicans looked forward to a productive general campaign season over the coming months.

We couldn’t leave town before checking out the Jersey Shore resort’s new $2 million boardwalk (a low estimate, as it turned out), so Brian McGovernKristen LucianiNicole Sanders and I took a stroll on the boards and ordered up some satisfactorily greasy Shore food.

All in all the progress since October ’12 is pretty remarkable, though there are naturally still many visible signs of Sandy damage everywhere you turn. Small public works and contractor crews can be seen busily tinkering up and down the boardwalk in an attempt to complete ramps, repair storefronts and wire lights before Memorial Day Weekend arrives.

It’s a damn shame the Trenton Dems are playing politics with it! Nothing is sacred to those people, but from what we could tell, the Jersey Shore is definitely “open for business” in spite of the partisan ridiculousness and our beach communities seem ready to accomodate an influx of visitors (and their tourist dollars) in six days’ time. Hallelujah! Just don’t expect the exact same Jersey Shore that your knew growing up; for example, the new Point Pleasant boardwalk utilizes different, stronger materials. Think of it as a metaphor for the entire post-Sandy experience.

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