Christie: Doma Ruling “Incredibly Insulting”

Christie: Doma Ruling “Incredibly Insulting”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Here’s something fun for your hot and hazy Thursday morning: Chris Christie took part in NJ 101.5’s monthly “Ask the Governor” program on Wednesday evening, Save Jerseyans, and he delivered a decidedly harsh assessment of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Windsor decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)


Well, we finally found the one issue where Christie might actually be to the “right” of Steve Lonegan.

Governor Christie further noted that Justice Kennedy’s United States v. Windsor opinion had no immediate effect on New Jersey and, in case you were curious, New Jersey’s chief executive reiterated his unambiguous intention to veto any and all gay marriage legalization bill that reaches his State House desk. The Governor conditionally vetoed one such piece of legislation back in February 2012. So there you have it.

14 thoughts on “Christie: Doma Ruling “Incredibly Insulting”

  1. Its not about who they can love; they can do that anyway, so go right ahead your choice. .
    Equality for them? What about taxpayer equality ?????
    Esp for many in the public unions who are driving these protests. Esp federal employees but state and local government too . The public unions enroll in 97 % of their benefits as compared to 50% in public sector. Why because their benefits are so much better.

    Its really all about dollars and sense (cents). Federal benefits, state and local. $$$$$$$ Who are they kidding? ??? Or just dreaming.
    NJ is # 50 in overall and property tax freedom already in the entire country.
    It will cost nj taxpayers and nj home owners property tax money !
    That we just don't have ! No matter what the percentage of the g& l community.
    Economically its not the right time. We need much reform before we want to pay for significant others when in fact we are paying double for one person already this is why its wrong now.
    The cookie jar is all empty gang!!! Gov Christie wants to put on ballot .
    Attention people if you are not a recipient be aware , your fed, state and local property taxes will go up not down as you wish. He is appealing to the masses. Property taxes is a major concern here in NJ.

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