Amodeo Loses By 30-Something

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

amodeoEveryone is coming up with a slightly different count at the moment, Save Jerseyans, but the end result is the same: Asm. John Amodeo (R) has unofficially lost his bid for reelection to Northfield Mayor Vincent Mazzeo (D).

The biggest upset of Election 2013 was cemented today at the Atlantic County Board of Elections as workers were ordered by the Court to count previously-rejected ballots. The finally tally for Mazzeo will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 33 to 38 votes after Amodeo led heading into the provisional ballot count by 200-300 votes and after the initial consideration of provisional ballots by 2-10 votes. That lead was promptly erased when rejected ballots, largely out of heavily Democrats Atlantic City and Pleasantville, were added into the mix.

Once the results are formally certified, the New Jersey Republican Party will have officially netted zero legislative seats in an election cycle that saw the top of the ticket prevail with over 60% of the vote. Zero state senate seats changed hands; the GOP gained one seat in LD1 when Sam Fiocchi (R) toppled Nelson Albano (D) but that gain was promptly cancelled out by today’s news out of the Boardwalk Empire.

11 thoughts on “Amodeo Loses By 30-Something

  1. Is this a surprise? As I have said repeatedly, NJ is a machine state that will only vote for moderate to liberal Republicans as governor when democrat governors screw things up royally. And, as baby boomers and subsequent generations continue to vote for leftists because they think it's cool, there is no hope for the future. Christie's win was a hollow one. No coat tails, no ideological shift, no change, no reform. Simply a capable governor that was very visible during a crisis.

  2. NJ is arguably the worst state in the Country. We've arguably gone so far left, even Counties in California are swerving right. I'm not sure how much longer I can tolerate staying here-I'm so disappointed we didn't get out when we could in 2007.

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