Did Cuccinelli Get Daggetted?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Save Jersey vintage Election 2009 graphic!
Save Jersey vintage Election 2009 graphic!

Just a little post-Election Week reflection for your Saturday cereal consumption, Save Jerseyans:

Veteran readers will remember back in 2009 when, along with MoreMonmouthMusings, we brought to light a robocall scheme perpetrated by New Jersey Democrats to siphon votes from then-Candidate Chris Christie and redirect them to Independent candidate Chris Daggett, all for the benefit of incumbent Jon Corzine.

It didn’t work, Save Jerseyans. The rest is history. We caught’em in the act! Daggett’s support collapsed to under 6% on Election Day, capturing just 139,579 votes, and Christie managed to inch by with 48.46% of the vote to Jon Corzine’s 44.88%, a difference of 86,714 votes. 

Virginia advocates of Ken Cuccinelli weren’t as fortunate. Terry McAuliffe prevailed by only 55,220 votes on Tuesday, but the libertarian third party candidate Richard Sarvis’s 6.6%, equating to 145,762 votes, was enough to swing the election to the Democrat.

There’s some evidence that Sarvis didn’t actually cost Cuccinelli the election. There’s also a clear indication that powerful Democrats thought Sarvis could cost Cuccinelli the election and, operating under that assumption, threw serious money in the libertarian’s direction. We may never know for sure (unlike in New Jersey where the robocalls made it pretty darn obvious). Hmmm… I can’t help but wonder! We’ve been through this ourselves.

9 thoughts on “Did Cuccinelli Get Daggetted?

  1. Third party candidates will always throw a race, yet disgruntled Libertarians continue to give them their vote. So, I blame the Libertarians for voting on the side of liberals. That said, Cuccinelli was not the best candidate. Chosen by the Tea Party, who accepted his radical agenda of invading the privacy of your bedroom. He's on the same level as Santorum, and a truly frightening person that shouldn't be involved in political decision making.

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