Thirteen 2013 Takeaway Numbers

Thirteen 2013 Takeaway Numbers

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

nj flagWe had a very busy year, Save Jerseyans, but if there are 13 stats from 2013 that will stay with me into 2014, these ones are at the top of my list:

13.   1,300,000,000 – how much more money the State of New Jersey decided to spend next year over this year.

12.   30,000 – about how many New Jersey and New York residents are still homeless 14-months after Hurricane Sandy made landfall.

11.   10,000,000,000 – the funds, representing only 1/5 of the total Sandy federal aid package, that have been disbursed to date.

10.   3,300 – the current rough number of New Jerseyans who have created an account at

9.   800,000 – the approximate number of New Jersey residents who started 2013 with a health care plan that, thanks to Obamacare, will be cancelled by 2014.

8.   500 – the monetary fine assessed against outgoing Assemblyman Nelson Albano (D-Vineland) for betraying the public trust during a traffic stop gone bad.

7.   35 – the number of years preceding Albano’s incident in which no fines were assessed by the legislature for ethics violations.

6.  20,793 – the average K-12 school spending per public school pupil in Camden, New Jersey, for the 2012-2013 school year.

5.   3 – the number of 2012 Camden high school seniors out of 882 with college-ready SAT scores according to a new study.

4.   219,831 – Barbara Buono’s margin of victory in 2013 had everyone who turned out and voted for Wall Street wizard Jon Corzine in 2009 stayed loyal to his budget chairwoman in 2013.

3.   41,000,000 – the amount of “independent expenditure” dollars spent on this year’s New Jersey elections.

2.   123,526 – the approximate tabulation of pre-recount votes by which Republican candidates collectively bested their Democrat opponents in this year’s legislative races.

1.   0 – the net number of NJ GOP legislative pick ups in 2013.