MSNBC Mutates Into the Left’s InfoWars

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I suppose it was only a matter of time, Save Jerseyans.

MSNBC’s been home to crazy far-left ideas for some time now. Bridgegate, however, is ushering in (or accelerating the arrival of…?) a new era of wall-to-wall conspiracy theories! We already mentioned Rachel Maddow’s “Get Weinberg” theory.

A thousand apologies for neglecting to mention her colleague Steve Kornacki’s Sherlock Holmes impression (complete with uncombed hair to drive home the “I just took of my tinfoil hat before the show” look?) in the immediately preceding segment:

Move over, truthers and birthers!

Here come the bridgers…


31 thoughts on “MSNBC Mutates Into the Left’s InfoWars

  1. Against the Mayor, no it was the Senator, wait it was the Developer…can’t wait for the next theory…

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