Trenton Rally for Life on 1/22

Trenton Rally for Life on 1/22

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

unborn babyIt’s not always the “hot” topic here at Save Jersey, folks, but it’s one we’ve spent considerable time discussing that’s never far from our minds and always ranked highly in our hearts.

You’ll have an opportunity this week to rededicate yourself to the cause of ending abortion in our lifetime. That battle is all the more critical now that Obamacare is compelling taxpayers to fund elective abortions.

The Annual Rally for Life sponsored by New Jersey Right to Life is scheduled for Wednesday, January 22nd in Trenton from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participants will meet on the State House Steps (125 West State Street for those of you using GPS).

Click here for more information regarding the rally and New Jersey Right to Life. Hoping to see you there…

44 thoughts on “Trenton Rally for Life on 1/22

  1. so y’all wanna tell other people when they can start or grow their family? for reals? isn’t that kinda Big Government of y’all?
    p.s. I’m assuming “pro-life” only includes fetuses (and not, for example someone on death row?)

  2. A fetus is a human baby; it has a heartbeat and can feel pain. Every year, a new mainstream scientific study pinpoints the moment of “viability” at an earlier point. It’s our clear duty to protect those kids’ fundamental human rights. That’s the most important role of government! I think we’ve lost sight of that truism as government sticks its beak into a million other areas where it doesn’t belong. A civilization incapable or unwilling to safeguard its most vulnerable citizens is anything but civilized. To you second point, it’s very telling that Cory Booker took “safe, legal and rare” out of the Democrat abortion platform but banning the death penalty is an imperative? Why do serial rapists and unrepentant murders matter more than children? It’s mind-boggling…

  3. So to answer my question: YES you want to decide when other people should start or grow their family and NO you do not extend your pro-life blanket to include folks on death row because of Cory Booker?

  4. With the extremely notable exception of rape, two people already made a decision to start a family by engaging in an activity that, on a frequent basis, results in a family (whether you specifically planned it or not). Abortion ends a human life, and murder is never justifiable by whims of convenience, just the same as it would be illegal for an adult to end their elderly parent’s or disabled child’s lives. It’s pretty straightforward stuff!

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