Romney Defends Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Romney and ChristieRumors persist of post-2012 antagonism between the Christie Camp and Team Romney, Save Jerseyans, but the former Governor of Massachusetts hasn’t been anything but gracious in public towards his New Jersey counterpart.

Mitt Romney defended Chris Christie from his Bridgegate critics in a Friday night interview with WashPo:

“I think Chris has handled this in a very effective way,” Romney said. “A member of his administration did something that he was unaware of and that he found reprehensible. He faced the American people for two hours, took their questions. He dismissed people who were responsible. He took personal responsibility. That’s what a leader does.”

Romney continued, “I think he’s handled this kind of setting in a way very different than people who are not leaders, and I think the American people are pining for leaders who will take responsibility, who will answer questions openly, who will make sure that there’s accountability for the individuals who’ve done something wrong and speak in a blunt, straightforward manner. I think Chris is not hurt by the controversy. I think as time goes on, he’ll be seen as a strong leader.”

Romney also echoed the sentiments of other high profile Republicans, including Rudy Giuliani and John Boehner, who’ve said Christie remains a 2016 contender.

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