Greenwald Professes Trust in Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Lou GreenwaldAssembly Majority Leader Lou “Empty Suit” Greenwald (D-6) addressed the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey legislative on Wednesday night, Save Jerseyans, at a well-catered reception held at the popular Mansion venue in suburban Voorhees Township (Camden County).

Sources at the event report he expounded on the cookie cutter things you’d expect a politician to discuss with a business group, including but not limited to the importance of developing South Jersey’s medical and educational infrastructure to benefit the regional economy.

But he also expressed concern over the ongoing Bridgegate kerfuffle… and expressed his hope (real or feigned) that the investigation remain non-partisan moving forward…

And, going one step further, Greenwald finished by declaring “I take [Gov. Christie] at his word that he didn’t know anything about it.”

Isn’t this the same guy who challenged Chris Christie to a billion tax debates?

In reality, the Empty Suit’s comments are 100% totally in lock-step with the party line. South Jersey Democrats ranging from the one and only George Norcross III to outgoing Rep. Rob Andrews have remained sympathetic and even outright supportive (in Norcross’s case) towards the Governor.

They’re playing a difficult game.

As Democrats in a blue state, they can’t go too far in flouting their not-so-secret tactical alliance with Governor Chris Christie’s embattled political organization. Norcross/Greenwald ally Senate President Steve Sweeney has the most to lose if a Bridgegate-connected North Jersey Democrat like Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop SCI Chairman John Wisniewski parlay free press into gubernatorial primary street cred. The Wiz is already running Facebook ads touting his biography… almost two years out from fresh legislative elections…

For now, Christie remains a more suitable alternative to their political designs than a liberal suburban North Jersey Dem who feels less loyal (or afraid) when faced with the power of a united South Jersey bloc. They won’t get off the fence until there’s no other viable option.

Strange times, stranger alliances…


VIDEO: Greenwald Discusses SCI Subpoenas with Rachel Maddow (Jan. 2014)


5 thoughts on “Greenwald Professes Trust in Christie

  1. The folks who are attacking the Governor are in the liberal media – folks on MSNBC and at the Times, and partisans like Frank Pallone, Barbra Buono, John Wisniewski, and Loretta Weinberg who either have lost to the Governor or have their own political agenda – we republicans may not agree with Lou Greenwald on issues, but at least he’s smart enough to know the Governor is telling the truth and he isn’t letting his personal ambition or emotions drive what he says.

  2. He is defending the governor because of the deal they made with the Governor for him to not arrest most of the SJ Norcrat block for their blatant corruption in nreturn for them supporting some of his initiatives. Who does Lou Greenwald think he is kidding? Does he really think we are that stupid?

  3. SJ Chamber=Norcross; empty suit can’t afford the pay cut to run for Governor; this is the same man (when he thought George would allow him to run for Gov) challenged Christie to endless debates; sunday paper headlines across the country read something like this: ‘GOP uncertain of Christie’, ‘Christie’s future in doubt’, ‘Christie hanging by a thumbnail……Inky headline is’Christie fights back’……go figure….the more George & company shill for Christie, the worse it is for Sweeney…..this deal with George is a) starting to leak out DETAILS; b) plain as day to the point it is insulting the most naive observer; c) is going to be what hurts Christie should he move forward…..

  4. @Sixth Sweeney is letting the Assembly Dems lead this charge for a reason. And I agree that Governor Christie should’ve never cut a deal with these guys… he has nothing to show for it other than endless investigations and a few big reforms which are great but, at the end of the day, statutory and therefore vulnerable down the road.

  5. Ever notice these respondents look down at a prompter, so they can read their responses, because all the questions are scripted to play to their responses? None of these tools have the ability to respond on the balls of their feet when hit with a question that they are not prepared for. Faith in government? They lost me years ago.

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