UPDATE: NJEA Welcomes Hespe

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

school busesLearning from past mistakes? Or do they know something that we don’t?

The reliably bellicose New Jersey (Mis)education Association (a/k/a the NJEA) greeted Governor Christie’s nomination of David Hespe for the position of Education Commissioner this afternoon in the warmest possible terms:

“Mr. Hespe has a good reputation in the education community and a demonstrated ability to build consensus around challenging issues. We have worked well with him in the past and look forward to doing so again. We enjoyed a strong, positive working relationship with him when he served previously in this role, and he was always accessible and open to our ideas and approaches. We anticipate that he will listen to the legitimate concerns of career educators and value their experiences.”

Hespe backed school choice initiatives all the way back to his prior tenure as the commish in the late 1990s and it can be presumed that he won’t adopt a fundamentally differently policy orientation than his predecessor (including the Governor’s chosen method of implementation for Common Core curriculum standards previously opposed by the NJEA).

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