Hilldawg Is So 1990s

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Hillary and ObamaHillary Clinton’s presidential polling position is actually pretty underwhelming at the moment for a heavily-favored frontrunner, Save Jerseyans, but since we don’t have a “none of the above” option in American politics, Hilldawg’s fate is contingent upon the relative strength of her GOP opponents. Or lack thereof as appears to be the case.

It’s not for lack of opportunity for an effective offensive. Her Hard Choices book tour isn’t generating the positive attention that she’d hoped to garner. From the optical periphery, the Obama Administration’s continued bungling is making it harder for her to great distance between herself and Benghazi, a scandal which her book was supposed to help diffuse.

Yes, the book is presently #1 on the NYT Bestsellers list, but we’d only have a story if it didn’t make the top spot. She’s the second most visible Democrat in America and the most likely “first female president” in U.S. history. She should be able to sell ice to Eskimos. Book sales are nevertheless lagging expectations, and ratings for her television promotional interviews have been surprisingly weak.

Temporary over-exposure? Media over-analysis? Or the first signs of a deeper Clinton fatigue akin to what Jeb Bush might face were he to enter the GOP primary?

The big difference between Clinton and Bush, obviously, is the reality of a media establishment that will never, ever abandon her. You also can’t underestimate the political skill (and will) of a Clinton:


It was a clever response to a goofy GOP gimmick.

Unfortunately for Hilldawg, she’s still not named “Bill,” and getting America to think of her as the glass ceiling-smashing wife of a popular former president rather than a tired, tarnished, hard-left relic of America’s political past might prove a much tougher nut to crack.


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