Primary Results: MacArthur, Bell Win

Primary Results: MacArthur, Bell Win

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


Tom MacArthur campaigning in the final hours of Primary Day 2014
Tom MacArthur campaigning in the final hours of Primary Day 2014

Update 10:26 a.m. 6/4/14


Primary Day 2014 is in the books, Save Jerseyans. Polls are closed and the results are in around the Garden State…


You can get statewide results, broken down by county, right here.


My customized results/analysis/commentary/snark is below the fold…


Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell

U.S. Senate Race (called): Shocker of the night, Save Jerseyans…

Jeff Bell leads Rich Pezzullo by roughly 3,000 votes with about 90% reporting statewide; I’m ready to declare it a Bell win.

Given what’s left to count (counties where Bell is doing very well), it appears unlikely that Pezzullo or anyone else can overtake his modest but significant edge. 

Here’s the AP vote tally stream

CD12 DEM Primary (called): Linda “Darth” Greenstein was reportedly ahead in the ABV ballot count but it wasn’t enough according to the AP: victor Bonnie Watson-Coleman won where she needed to do well such as in in Plainfield, a key town in CD12. Also…

CD3 GOP Primary (called): We were the fist to call this one, Save Jerseyans, for Tom MacArthur. MacArthur ran away with it, up 63% in Burlco by 9 p.m. with 70% reporting and nearly 60% in the Ocean portions of the district with over half of precincts reporting. Steve Lonegan had nowhere to make up the votes:

ocean results cd3

Lonegan called MacArthur to concede around 9:15 p.m. CD3 watchers can click here to monitor Ocean County’s tally as the night progresses and here for Burlington….

CD1 GOP Primary (called): with almost 70% of the vote, former Philadelphia Eagle Garry Cobb is the winner…

CD7 GOP Primary (called): Leonard Lance survived a closer-than-anticipated challenge by 8-points…

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22 thoughts on “Primary Results: MacArthur, Bell Win

  1. Based on early returns Losergan living up to his reputation getting creamed two-to-one by MacArthur in Ocean County. I’m sure it will be even worse from Burlington. “Maverick Murray” is another big-time loser, in fourth place based on OC returns. Rich Pezzullo running an impressive second behind Goldberg who has more than half the vote.

  2. So how are all those endorsements for “Maverick Murray” from Tea Party Senators Michael Patrick Carroll and Mike Doherty working out? Not much, at least in Ocean County with half the districts reporting Murray is in single digits.

  3. People are such sheep. It’s disappointing. They just follow the money instead of doing any research. If you can’t be bothered to make an informed vote, then don’t vote at all.

  4. How nice for Chris Smith to be doing so well against no challenger. What does that say about apathy in the Republican party? Same old, same old, same old. Don’t shake up the establishment. Oh, and LoBiondo who said he would limit his terms (forget how many, since it’s been so long) yet he keeps sacrificing himself to “serve”. And we will most certainly get a Norcross “serving” in Congress in District 1. How nice. Who cares about the people? Not any of them. They are in it for themselves and their cronies.

  5. What’s to research? Between Losergan and Maverick Murray they’ve managed to lose about eight statewide races, everybody knows that.

  6. What’s happening in CD1, Matt? Oh, that’s right, the GOP doesn’t care who wins elections unless it benefits them. Establishment guys just follow the money and hope they can get a piece of the big government pie.

  7. Can Sabrin finally go back to the hellish dimension from whence he came? Most cash in the field and still got himself beat by Goldberg and Pezzullo sans money and Bell sans lines.

  8. Well look who he hired to run his (smear) campaign? I mean, really. This is ONE of many reasons he came in DEAD last. =)

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