Poll: MacArthur Up By 13-Points

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By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Steve Lonegan (left) and Tom MacArthur (right) with Michael Aron during a televised debate.

Steve Lonegan (left) and Tom MacArthur (right) with Michael Aron during a televised debate.

Time may be running out for Steve Lonegan to reverse the momentum and regain the upper hand in CD3, Save Jerseyans. That’s not a “RINO” observation. I’m just looking at the numbers.

Data: a new poll out Wednesday morning from the American Action Network found Lonegan’s rival Tom MacArthur leading by 13-points (43% to 30%) among likely GOP primary voters.

You can click here to read the full report. Surveyors found MacArthur leading Lonegan across the board including among those who consider themselves “very conservative.”

The difference-maker? Lonegan’s likability…

“By contrast, Lonegan has seen his image ratings erode by a net -16 points over the past three weeks. His favorable rating has dropped by -10 points (42% May) and his unfavorable rating has increased by +6 points (31% May), and he has been reduced to a very weak 1.4 to 1 favorable to unfavorable ratio.”

Pollsters didn’t draw any conclusions as to whether MacArthur’s money or Lonegan’s campaign is primarily to blame for the likability gap. They did discover that “[a]mong those who have seen, read, or heard about MacArthur and his campaign, his net intake is +23, with fifty-two percent (52%) of primary voters indicating they would be more likely to vote for MacArthur based on the things that they have seen, read, or heard.”

Results from only one other public poll have been released to date; that one from Patrick Murray’s Monmouth University Polling Institute found MacArthur up by 11. An internal MacArthur campaign poll from earlier in May found its candidate up 9.


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