Pro-Clinton Super PAC Aims at Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie’s GOP presidential primary prospects have seen better days, Save Jerseyans, but American Bridge 21st Century, a Super PAC named after Bill Clinton’s famous “Bridge to the 21st Century” talking point, spearheaded by a Harry Reid staffer and funded by rich Clintonistas, is still treating him as a top contender. Or at least the one that they’re most determined to prevent from reemerging as a top contender. It’s all a matter of perspective I suppose.

They’re saying he’s “funnier than Fallon” in this obnoxiously self-aware snarky web vid…


Kind of lame and less-than-entertaining but it’s out there. Doesn’t matter: Dems would rather have you consuming this drivel online, as your brain slowly atrophies and rots, than risk you absorbing the homecoming of Bowe Bergdadal or the imminent sack of Baghdad. 

You’ll have plenty to watch; the PAC has already spent over $9 million this cycle alone, and it’s also launched web ads attacking 2014/2016 Republican candidates including Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Florida’s Rick Scott and South Carolina’s Lindsay Graham.

Meanwhile, on a related note, the N.J. Democrat’s top brass gathered for a ‘Ready for Hillary’ PAC event this week in New Brunswick. They’re all in….