NBC Backpedals from Christie Exoneration Report

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The "This Bridge is Closed"
The “This Bridge is Closed”

Bob Jordan of the APP did a pretty solid job of explaining NBC’s about-face on Thursday’s bombshell Bridgegate story, Save Jerseyans.

Long story short, while NBC’s unnamed sources confirmed that “SO FAR found no grounds for charges — no involvement of the Governor himself,” the network’s current position is that he went too far by declaring that Governor Christie no longer facing any threat of federal charges stemming from the lane closure scandal.

On the path but not out of the woods?

Two working theories:

1) Brian Williams screwed up, plain and simple, or

2) The NBC network that, along with its sister network enjoys close relations with the White House, had second thoughts about definitively declaring innocent one of the likely 2016 GOP contenders and the RGA’s top fundraiser. Don’t forget for a second who we’re dealing with here. On Friday, The Star-Ledger relegated the exoneration report to page #6 morning after months of front-page Bridgegate updates; there’s little doubt whose team these people are on! An independent change of heart from sympathetic ideologues? Or did someone from the D.C. Democrat establishment (White House? DOJ? Team Hilldawg?) make a phone call? It happens all of the time…

Stay tuned…

What’s still clear? For the record? Even the corrected NBC narrative confirms the absence of ANY evidence supporting a case against Chris Christie after 9 months of intense investigation, media scrutiny and taxpayer dollar investment. Zilch. Nada. Nothing…

He’s innocent or the smoothest criminal since Michael Jackson, Save Jerseyans.


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