State PBA Endorses MacArthur; DCCC Runs Fireman Smear

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Police CruiserThe board of delegates for the 33,000-member strong New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) voted to “unanimously” endorse Tom MacArthur in NJ-03, Save Jerseyans.

In arriving at its decision, PBA leadership referenced his business acumen and willingness to meet with their members.

“Tom has impressed us with his track record as a leader in business, his willingness to listen and bring people together, and his ability to get things done,” said New Jersey State PBA President Patrick Colligan. “He has not only met with State PBA leaders, but also local PBA Presidents and Delegates and we know he will truly stand up for law enforcement officers in Congress. I am proud to announce our endorsement of Tom MacArthur and look forward to working with him once he is elected.”

PBA relations with the NJ GOP as a general matter have been strained as of late due to pension politics.

Battles in Trenton, however, haven’t prevented MacArthur from poaching support among traditional Democrat constituency groups.

The Beglard campaign, on the other hand, has gone full negative down the home stretch as at least two surveys report a competitive race, attacking MacArthur for anything and everything including donating to a crisis pregnancy center.

DCCC henchmen are doing most of the dirty work on her behalf, pushing ads so uniquely ugly and untrue even for N.J. politics that one had to be withdrawn and corrected, the latest being a particularly ghoulish spot featuring a fireman alleging that Tom MacArthur profited by denying his injured comrades’ claims (all debunked back during primary season).


2 thoughts on “State PBA Endorses MacArthur; DCCC Runs Fireman Smear

  1. The ” Carpetbagging” police unions are a main reason for the oppressive gun control legislation and the militarization of law enforcement. You bundle that up up with legal profession and the “felonization” of just about every activity, and you have a sound reason to vote AGAINST any candidate with police union support. I don’t support ANY candidate with PBA support. Dropped my support in the last Gov race for the Dem candidate because of that.

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