Christie’s Ebola Nurse Antagonist goes bike riding as DOD contradicts her!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

This lady is a real trip, Save Jerseyans!

I’ve spoken to the nurses in my life since Kaci “the Brat” Hickox‘s story went viral; not one of them thinks it’s unreasonable, after an extended journey to Africa interacting one-on-one with Ebola patients, for a health care worker to spend 3-weeks in a hospital (or at home) to guarantee that this deadly virus doesn’t spread.

It’s not hard for anyone who isn’t a narcissist to understand why.

After all, the CDC was EGREGIOUSLY wrong – time and time again – when it came to this disease (1) coming to America and (2) the risk to health care workers caring for the infected. Ebola isn’t 100% understood and the “experts” continue to contradict themselves; researchers disagree, for example, on a few key points including the all-important incubation period.

But then again, most of nurses in my life aren’t nasty liberals who care more about making political points than protecting the American people. Check out what she did today:


And the truly ironic part?

The Obama Administration’s CDC and its surrogates, including the media and Nurse Hickox, have decried Gov. Christie for basing his quarantine position on bad science.

Guess what happened in the last 24 hours?

The Obama DOD ordered a 21-day quarantine for U.S. troops combating the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. Again, like Christie, they’re not pulling random people off the street for sneezing. They’re making a sacrifice to protect the homeland while we guarantee that these brave folks aren’t a risk to their friends, family and neighbors.

Like Governor Christie said, “if it’s good enough for our men and women in uniform,” then why does Hickox think she deserves to go bike riding with her boyfriend? A damn good question! One which Republicans everywhere should raise.


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  1. Just because she tested negative now doesn’t mean anything, or they would just take blood .from everyone as part of the screening. Little E V can hide…. 21 days…. Min…

  2. Lots of people go to court wearing T-shirts and flip-flops. But lawyers like me always wear a tie and jacket for men, business dress for women because we are “officers of the court” and need to encourage respect for the court. If we lawyers showed up in court with T-shirts and flip-flops, we would be fined, suspended or held in contempt. Shouldn’t government nurses like this jerk be held to a higher standard and be required to support public health measures like this. If not, shouldn’t she also be fined, suspended, or fired from her government public health job? Liberty and Prosperity

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