Cook: NJ-03 Looking Bad for Dems

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

South Jersey's CD3
South Jersey’s CD3

Wondering why Aimee Belgard/NJ Dems need to troll Craigslist for volunteers, Save Jerseyans? Read about her last debate. And then check there’s this updated race outlook from the Cook Political Report... 

Now it looks like he is willing to spend whatever it takes to beat Democratic Burlington County Freeholder Aimee Belgard,” reports Cook’s David Wasserman, “while Democrats are in retreat after an attack ad badly backfired.”

His conclusion? “This race could still be close, but it’s no longer looking like one of Democrats’ better open seat takeover opportunities,” Wasserman concluded.


NJ-03 is likely to prove one of this year’s worst strategic decisions for the DCCC; they’re going to wish some of that money was spent somewhere when they wake up, hung over and ready to revise their resumes, on November 5th.


9 thoughts on “Cook: NJ-03 Looking Bad for Dems

  1. As if you think you actually have a chance to win there Frederick. Now, please tell me again; where is your website with it’s campaign platform; and how many signs are you going to be able to put out to raise your name recognition. Speaking of raising, how much money have you raised for your campaign? And oh yeah, what again is a Democrat-Republican? You know, I’ve asked you a “thousand different times in a thousand different ways,” yet you have yet to have the gumption to answer that.

  2. Yeah he’s not spending nearly enough time trolling the comments section of political blogs. Idiot.

  3. @ Lavergne and Shirley As if Freddie expects to win the race. Now, again Freddie, point me to your website where your platform is, other than attacking party leaders because you didn’t get your way. Tell us again how much money you have raised. And talking about raising, how many signs you’ll be putting out to raise name recognition. Tell me what a Democrat – Republican is and stands for other than someone who can’t make up their mind as to what principles they will stand by. Again, I’ve asked you “a thousand different times, a thousand different ways” these question since you were crying about not being in a debate, ALL in to provide and opportunity for you to tell the voters what you stand for. IF you won’t answer me, answer to the VOTERS in your district if there are any that are interested in you.

  4. Maybe this time ol’ Freddie will crack 1,000 votes! Damn — you can buy more Twitter followers than that for just a few bucks.

    A Democrat-Republican is someone who constantly straddles the fence, agrees with whomever he’s speaking to at the moment and can’t seem to take a principled stand on an issue to save his life.

  5. The Cook Report link that you attached to your article is from June 6–4 months ago. You need more current data.

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