Rove Drops $600k on Belgard’s Head

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

National Republicans are moving to shore up their position in takeover and open seats at this point in the 2014 midterm game, Save Jerseyans, while the Democrats continue to fall back.

The latest here at home? Crossroad GPS, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation associated with Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, just put $600,000 behind this TV spot in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District:


Crossroad GPS is a big player this cycle; Christie ally Sheldon Adelson is one of its big name backers.

It’s part of the reason why Belgard’s odds are worsening all of the time. That and she’s a bit dense, but that’s a separate issue…

Numbers: this week in NJ-03, Democrats are slated to spend, total, $350,808 on TV (the candidate’s committee, party groups, independent expenditures… everyone). Republicans and their allies? $1.1 million.

Next week? Just $260,258 for the Democrats and $710,645 for the Republicans.

Overkill at this juncture with MacArthur up 10-points in the latest polling? Maybe. But if you’re a Republican running in blue-leaning Burlington County down-ballot this cycle? No complaints.


6 thoughts on “Rove Drops $600k on Belgard’s Head

  1. Where is his help for Jeff Bell? Oh that’s right Bell is a Reagan Conservative, not an establishment hack like McArthur.

  2. Sorry Tracey Shannon. The National Party via the Republican Senatorial Committee helps Senatorial candidates. But they don’t put money into races where the candidate(that would be Bell) is 16 points down, when they could be putting that same money into 2 or 3 races that are even or within a couple of points where there is a better chance of winning. Nice try, but your “bitterness” via that attack is showing.

  3. and speaking of which, Jim Granelli I just saw a poll that indicates New Hampshire is back in play…..ooooh, ooooh, good !

  4. I missed listening to Scott Brown on Hannity today. Good to hear on that poll, but over confident we should not be.

  5. agreed…just glad that NH is at least considered to be within the margin of sampling error as of today.

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