DCCC omits MacArthur from 2016 top target list

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

National Democrats rolled out their 2016 list of top House targets on Friday, Save Jerseyans, which you can read for yourself here. They’re anxious to make a comeback in a higher-turnout presidential cycle after hemorrhaging seats during the Obama years.

But who was conspicuously absent from the list?

tom macarthurTom MacArthur (R, NJ-03). 

That’s a dramatic omission after the DCCC and House Majority PAC heavily targeting Jon Runyan’s then-open seat in the 2014 cycle only to later abandon the district after Democrat lightweight Aimee Belgard wet the bed and flopped out of serious contention. The DCCC also ran in to quite a bit of trouble for blatantly slanderous TV ads that elicited significant media scrutiny and even legal action.

The message for South Jersey Democrats hoping for a productive 2016?

You’re own your own! Muahahahaha…

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, T-Mac is off to a strong start:

7 thoughts on “DCCC omits MacArthur from 2016 top target list

  1. Liberal RINO TMac’s biggest problem isn’t Democrats but Conserevatives who will be watching him closely. He needs to vote 100% with Scott Garrett. If he turns out to be another LoBiondo, Smith or Lance, he’ll be primaried next year by Steve Lonegan, and TMac’s multimillions won’t save him from the wrath of Conservatives. Lance will be gone next year when he is knocked off by Dave Larsen, and TMac will suffer the same fate if he is not careful.

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