King Barack has an election story and he’s sticking to it!

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

That funny sound you heard during President Obama’s post-election press conference was the thud of a couple hundred jaws dropping to the floor in disbelief at his indifferent reaction to the thermonuclear electoral blowout Democrats nationally and he personally received at the hands of an angry electorate.

Explaining Tuesday’s awful election results for Democrats has exhausted Roget’s Thesaurus. Whether you call it a collapse, a shellacking, an ass-whooping, a sea-change, a tsunami, a massacre or whatever, it was as bad as it gets.

Except to President Obama, who seemed unimpressed and unperturbed by the results. It was as if nothing unusual happened – just another boring day at the office.

His was a “Yeah – whatever” attitude when many expected, or at least hoped, to hear a mea culpa similar to what President Bill Clinton gave after the 1994 mid-terms when he was repudiated at the polls.

But Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. You see, elections have consequences only when they go in his favor. When they don’t…well, in Obamaland they always do.

While the president said he heard the voters, it quickly became obvious he must have been referring to the 2008 voters who gave him their blind worship and adoration before they found out he was an empty suit.

Lincoln was right: “you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Tweeting while watching the press event, this one of mine sums up his message:

(Nuts & bolts: Pres Obama happy to agree w/ Republicans when they read from his page, but no turning the page from one he’s been on for 6 yrs)

The president said he wasn’t the one repudiated by the voters – if anything, he was embraced by them, and their message to everyone was that he was still their idol and hero. The voters want him to try harder to do all the things they just got through telling him they hated.

Remember, an additional result of this year’s election was the legalization of recreational weed by Washington, D.C. voters. Did he get a head start?

The only thing surprising about what he said is that anyone was surprised. After spending six years ignoring all who disagree with him and having a deaf ear to any policy idea that didn’t originate with him, did anyone expect this leopard would change his spots?

So, President Obama resorted to his variation on “The Big Lie.” If you tell a whooper bold and audacious enough, people will accept it as true on the assumption that nobody would say something so incredulous unless it was true.

Simply refuse to acknowledge reality – tell the big lie often enough, pretty soon people will believe it. Or at least that’s how the theory goes among those who have contempt for the intelligence of voters and the democratic process, which explains why the theory is perfected and practiced often in authoritarian dictatorships starting with Joseph Goebbels’ use of it in the 1930’s.

No matter if you’re caught red-handed with incriminating evidence on tape and in front of enough witnesses to fill Yankee Stadium twice over, it always will be, “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

In O.J.’s case, the glove did not fit, so they had to acquit despite the fact everyone knew he damn well did it.

KING OBAMAPresident Obama presents an imperial image. He’s reminiscent of France’s King Louis XIV, the Sun King, an autocratic monarch who ruled over 400 years ago with the motto “L’Etat, c’est moi” – I am the state, which essentially means he sees himself capable of doing any damn thing he pleases. It’s not just a partisan affair; former President Richard Nixon said it this way: “When the president does it, that means that it’s not illegal.”

But O.J. got his comeuppance in another court, Louis’ great-great grandson got his head chopped off, and we all know how Richard Nixon ended up, so there’s that.

The president, however, doesn’t care. From day one, he’s believed himself impervious from the slings and arrows of outrageous political fortune. He’ll do what he damn well pleases no matter who objects, and he’ll go right on insisting that it’s what everyone wants because he alone is capable of deciphering that great mystery.  And he says it with a straight face.

Republicans have the gift of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory because they’re prone to overreach. They need to understand what it is they’ve been tasked to do, and what it is they shouldn’t do lest they end up again consigned to the back of the political bus.

One thing we know is that the voters didn’t put them in the majority to be lap dogs for President Obama no matter how much he says otherwise. Early childhood education wasn’t why they went to the polls. The people want some things repealed that the president doesn’t want repealed, and some things passed that he doesn’t want passed.

On that basis alone, there’s a reckoning coming, and it won’t be pleasant. Over the next 26 months, expect to see the president increasingly resemble Col. Kurtz from ‘Apocalypse Now holed up in the White House running his own off-the-shelf immigration-amnesty operation . Who knows – he may be heard soon enough muttering , “The horror….the horror…”? But it will be – cue the music – our horror, our Gotterdammerung, our misery, his next round of golf.

7 thoughts on “King Barack has an election story and he’s sticking to it!

  1. Thank you! you said what I have been thinking about this individual for a long time. (and said it better then I was thinking it 😀 ). If things aren’t totally his way, then they must be wrong. Immigration is one very good example of that. He wants it his way and his way only; don’t try to offer a reasonable alternative. I don’t think of it as reform, to me our current laws work, but not how illegals want them to. To me, it is change. BIG difference.

    But one of the saddest things I see about him is his bigotry.

  2. @Theodore the #1 obstructionist in Washington, D.C. was Harry Reid. Any criticism of the GOP w/o that acknowledgment is dishonest at best.

  3. Theodore Gonzalez…don’t you remember? Harry Reid changed the filibuster laws to work in favor of his party. Guess what will probably come back to bite him! Agree with Matt on Reid

  4. That’s your take. When the Democrats held the Senate, they had no reason to go along with legislation from the GOP controlled House. King Obama can emulate King Christie and veto legislation he or his party don’t agree with. And he can do it without a “bullying” demeanor.

  5. 450 bills NoT brought up for a vote by obstructionist Harry. No budget passed by senate in 6 years No reason ? How about they were voted in to do a job.

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