You Can STOP The NJ Gas Tax Hike NOW!

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

You may have noticed that price of gas at the pump is very low right now. Not as low as it was when George W. Bush was in office, but still very low.

And maybe you’re thinking that’s great news for you.

Well, yes — in a way it is.

But don’t think for one moment that the tax-happy politicians in Trenton haven’t noticed as well. To them, this low price of gas is One Big Opportunity to hoodwink you. 


Because they see it as a chance to raise the state gas tax, hoping that you don’t even notice. They’re thinking goes something like this: Since the price of gas is already low, when they raise the gas tax you’ll hardly notice it. You’ll just think the price went up a bit.

That’s their scheme. And they plan to carry it our very quietly.

Of course, later when the price of gas really goes up significantly (and it almost certainly will) you’ll feel the pain, Big Time. But it will be too late then.

Hey, New Jersey has always benefited from lower gas prices (lower than our neighboring states) because our gas tax is relatively low. It’s really the ONLY tax break we get in this state. It’s the only good think we’ve got going. And, wouldn’t you know they now want to take even that break away from us?

More and more people are leaving New Jersey every day because (along with New York and Connecticut) we are at the top of the list of states when it comes to high taxes.

The State of New Jersey gets enough of our tax money. They shouldn’t need one more cent. The state government should be forced to make do with what they have now, if not even less. They don’t need any more of our money!

Here’s what you can do to stop the gas tax hike. But you must act NOW!

Click here to find a page that contains a list of New Jersey towns. Find your town and note the number of your legislative district. Click on the town name and a new page will come up with the districts by number. Click on the number of your district and you will then find the names of your state legislators. You can then click on the names to send them an e-mail or call the phone numbers. We advise that you call all three legislators in your district. Tell them you are AGAINST a hike in the gas tax. Make it very clear and don’t accept any cockamamie explanations. 

Calling is a quick and easy way to get the job done. And if we all do it, it will scare the gas outta those windbags in Trenton.

Do it NOW!


Dan Cirucci
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