Christie plans to follow up budget speech with town hall meeting

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We’re going to get what could be Governor Chris Christie’s last (or second-to-last) budget address next Tuesday, Save Jerseyans, depending of course upon how deep he makes it into the 2016 GOP primary sweepstakes.

christie staring at town hallYou know my take: I don’t think he’s going to last very long at all without a decisive return to vocal, active, and bold conservative leadership right here at home, in New Jersey. We know he’s capable of it. Republican voters everywhere, weary of the bigger-than-life New Jerseyan who “hugged” Obama, now need/want to see it. The YouTube technician is certainly capable of making up points in a debate but I wouldn’t put all of my eggs in that basket. No way.

And this FY 2016 budget address might be his last best chance to lay the groundwork for a comeback? Let’s face it: the FY 2016 budget was an absolute fiscal abortion. I refuse to sugarcoat it; Fitch and S&P sure didn’t! So we’ll have to wait to find out what he proposes (and has to say re: the contentious gas tax hike debate).

What we do know: FYI, he’s taking a break from the national trail on the day after his address, Wednesday February 25th, to host a signature town hall at the Moorestown Recreation Center in Burlington County, an event starting at 3:00 p.m. and certain to be very, very interesting given his significant slide in New Jersey-based polling and the convergence of other current events.

Stay tuned….