More Menendez stink as Ferriero gets a day in court

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Bob Menendez
Bob Menendez

Disgraced former Bergen Democrat overlord Joe Ferriero is back in court today, Save Jerseyans, giving everyone actually paying attention a clear reminder of his party’s unparalleled record of corruption in Northeastern New Jersey.

Newsflash: North Jersey Democrats are so corrupt that it’d make the mob blush…

Assuming, of course, that they’re not actually the same thing…

But I digress. The rabbit hole (still) goes deep. What we’ve now learned? One of the executives behind the first incarnation of the infamous Xanadu project was allegedly asked to cough up a $50,000 contribution to support…. drum roll…. Bob Menendez (D-Dominican Republic/Ecuador) following favorable action on a permit by the Army Corps of Engineers way back in 2005.

Grand jury testimony:

Jim Dausch said in testimony in 2008 he believed Menendez’s efforts led the corps’ top manager in the New York area to hand-deliver the permit in March 2005, and within two months the congressman telephoned him — a call he assumed was about the contributions.

Dausch said he could not remember if the initial request to raise $50,000 came directly from Menendez, or from two others working with the Mills Corp. on the project: Teaneck attorney Bob DeCotiis or lobbyist Kay LiCausi, who is a former member of Menendez’s staff.

“But one way or the other, it was clear that the request was coming from Menendez and, and it was in anticipation, we understood, of a run that he was planning to make for the Senate in 2006,” Dausch said.

Click here to read the rest of the piece (via Herb Jackson and Jeff Pillets) and learn more about the intersection of Menendez, Ferriero, and a small army of Democrat bit players.

Now the ball’s in your court, Bergen Republicans. Run with it.

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  1. Mainstream media is the democratic PR system, plan and simple. MM will do all they can to help tax and spend hustlers remain in power and redistribute wealth. Whomever disagrees with them is a target of lies and distortions…

  2. Bergen County “Republicans” have no message other than “Democrats are all corrupt, and Republicans aren’t.”

  3. How do you spell Crook children? M E N E N D E Z . We have a winner in our Spelling Bee!!

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