Want to know why A.C. is a mess? Start by watching this

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Yeah, out-of-state casino competition was the nail in Atlantic City’s economic coffin.

But that’s only part of the story, Save Jerseyans. Want a vivid illustration of the city’s deep, pervasive, disturbing political problem? Beyond the Boardwalk Empire series and many of the former mayors’ rap sheets?

Check out this viral video of a made-for-HBO exchange at Wednesday night’s pre-council meeting work session between Councilman Marty Small and former council President Craig Callaway (a former guest of the government):

This is the worst excuse of keeping our city together !!!

Posted by Juanisha Sowavvy Wheeler on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The AC Press has more details (and additional video footage) here. I don’t have the stomach for it this week.

5 thoughts on “Want to know why A.C. is a mess? Start by watching this

  1. The city is still a slum. That is the real reason nobody comes down here anymore. The boardwalk is a slum. The whole city is still a slum a very dangerous. The only real reason u see people here because THEY are bored & just want to get out of town FROM their own city. The city & casinos have looted & pillaged & skimmed money since 1978. RIP ATLANTIC CITY. STICK A FORK IN U. U ARE done.

  2. What I don’t get is why the presiding officer didn’t gavel them both out of order at the first instance of misconduct and personal attack and then order the police to have them removed by force. Isn’t anybody in charge?

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