Obama’s Camden visit will highlight liberalism’s failures. Will the NJ GOP caucus say it?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Get your palm fronds ready for waiving, Save Jerseyans:

Details are still forthcoming, but President Obama is reportedly planning to celebrate the Camden County Police Department project that resulted from a controversial partnership between Governor Chris Christie and his frenemies among the South Jersey Democrats back during the 2013 cycle. A very different time in New Jersey politics!

Now? It puts the Governor in awkward spot. He wants to embrace something he considers a big success – even a national model for other police departments – but he can’t exactly risk another “hug” at a time when he’s trying to win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

If N.J. Republicans not named Chris Christie, running in 2015, want to advance the conversation and grab some good headlines?

Trenton StatehouseThey’d take advantage of the President’s weak numbers in blue Jersey, hold a press conference in front of an abandoned warehouse and highlight how urban centers like Camden (and residents in every other part of the state that pay for Camden’s failures) are products of the liberal policies championed/implemented by the incumbent.

They can start by asking the question that I asked in light of recent events in Baltimore and Ferguson: how many more kids do we need to lose before liberals admit that they’re wrong?

Better policing is nice (if that’s indeed what that is), but until we fix the root problems vexing our cities (e.g. President Obama’s hypocritical opposition to school choice), then we’re basically just sticking a big old band aid on a wound that’ll never, ever heal. Policing decline, if we’re being honest.

And it’s an expensive band aid. So with what we’re paying for all of this failure? In the midst of the most sluggish “recovery” in modern American history? Yet despite all the waste, thousands of Sandy-affected residents are still homeless after an inept, feckless federal response? It’s a message I’m willing to bet at least some persuadable voters are ready to hear. It’s a place to start for Republicans, and it could help motivate the right voters in a low turnout cycle.

We’ll be watching…

Matt Rooney
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  1. The answer to the question “will the NJ GOP caucus say it?” is, of course, NO. Next question?

  2. NO the GOP will not address it. The GOP doesn’t address anything. From fucking crying Boehner to McConnell, NJ Kean, we are so doomed with CC too.

    Why doesn’t CC just come out as a democrat for crying out loud by now?

  3. Hi Roger,

    I didn’t realize I was posting as anonymous. I’m on your e-mail mailing list, but as you know, hopeless in Union County. It’s a shame when Renna, Bury and to some extent, Patterson, represent the GOP (even tho a mix of political affiliations) more than the GOP represents itself.

  4. I wonder if the GOP caucus knows were Camden is! The Republican party has not been a factor in Camden since the 1930’s. The citizens of Camden have not been presented with a viable Republican candidate for the legislature in almost 40 years. The state GOP has failed to support and fund an effective organization In Camden

  5. Obama wants to help Chris Christie become the GOP nominee by highlighting the Camden Renaissance to the rest of the nation. Thanks to Governor Christie and his bipartisan approach to urban renewal Camden is now home to the 76ers practice facility, Cooper University Hospital and Medical School is a World Class health sciences center, Rowan University has become competitive with Rutgers and Princeton as an international-recognized research center and higher-education facility, and businesses from out-of-state are relocating to Camden to take advantage of all it has to offer. When voters get to know what Governor Christie has accomplished in places like Camden, Newark, Paterson and Jersey City, they will vote for him in the upcoming GOP primaries.

  6. If God were to run as a Republican in Camden, he would not be elected. When you are midnight blue, nothing will change. The same applies to Camden Co. There have been good candidates through the years, I’ve known some of them. Reality…its not going to happen, until the people of Camden/Camden Co. wise up. Maybe there is a miracle out there somewhere

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