“Are you serious?!”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Here’s something fun for your Friday…

Chris Christie held his 137th New Jersey Town Hall Meeting in Sparta on Thursday, Save Jerseyans, and during a testy exchange with one of his pension record dissenters, the Governor provided a decent overview of our state’s fiscal crisis… and the futility of new taxes. A little bit of the old Christie on full display.



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  1. They both have a point. The solution? Government is too dam big and needs to be scaled down, i,e cut the dam spending! Eliminate the bureacracy and send them (the pencil pushers) back into the private sector as taxpayers. Pay the pensions and then renegotiate the contracts. Be a leader Christie and stop making excuses. Reagan got a lot of it done with a Democratic congress. But first Christie has to stop thinking like a big government progressive. The Government is swimming in fraud and cronyism. Roll up your sleeves and find the money. It is there. Conduct audits. There are many solutions that can be tried but first you have to be willing.

  2. Matt how much of the 30.7 Billion Dollars goes to debt service?? At the end of the day between education, medicaid, payroll, and debt service I would venture to say there is not a lot of money left to go around the table.

  3. It’s actually almost comical that the Dems are making such an issue of this, when their three govs ALL stiffed the pension plans, while simultaneously raising taxes more than 100 times. The unions blame CC; almost without exception, they supported McGreevey and Corzine and back Dem legislators almost exclusively, when those folks essentially created (and worsened) the problem.

    As a legislator, I’ve long objected to budgets which don’t fully fund the pensions. And I would love to see a Dem proposal which does that, without raising taxes. (Besides, income tax funds have to go toward property tax relief, not pensions.)

    People can yell “fund the pension” until the cows come home, for all the good it will do. While I appreciate the public employee anger, it would be a lot easier to take if they hadn’t almost unanimously supported the very people who created this problem,continue to support them, and if they offered even the vaguest thought about how they expect us to solve the problem, without raising taxes.

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