Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, RU students!

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, RU students!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Here’s a genuine case of injustice for you to ponder, Save Jerseyans:

Youth underemployment/unemployment is (still) so bad in this country that a whopping 30.3% of Millennials (aged 18 to 34, totaling 22 million Americans) live at home with mom and dad. The so-called ‘mal-employment‘ rate has reached 36% of recent college graduates (translated: the unemployed + those who went to school for art history but ended up tending bar, and not the courthouse bar). 

We’re openly questioning whether a college degree is still worth it. Why shouldn’t we when, for example, Rutgers New Brunswick charges $25,561 for on-campus attendance (room + board + credits), but as Carl Van Horn of the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University told CNN, “Employers are taking college grads over high-school grads, but paying them high-school grad wages.” That’s a LOT of debt for not a lot of value…

The Microaggressive Scarlet Knight
The Microaggressive Scarlet Knight

Considering the challenges of our times, Rutgers students are naturally clamoring for restructuring of the U.S. education system? An audit of Rutgers’ operating expenses? Or an end to the federal government’s tuition inflation policies? How about tax reform to help stimulate the job market?

Nah. They’re focused on killing their own mascot. The one individual at the chronically mismanaged and hopelessly liberal university that hasn’t sullied the brand in recent years.

Emmet Brennan, student assembly parliamentarian, recently explained to The Daily Targum his support for a student government measure to add multiple knights to the mascot pool reflective of different genders, races, etc., going forward:

What we were really hoping is that this would be a discussion with the entire student body,” he said. “So we would have a working committee of the different multicultural (organizations), possibly the Queer Caucus — basically students who represent a unique voice, and have them all working together at the same table to make sure red flags that arise with any of those groups — that mascot would immediately be tabled.”

Wow. This is the same incredibly sensitive student body, in case you’ve forgotten, that didn’t think paying Snooki for a speaking gig out of their inflated tuition raised any “red flags” but felt it appropriate to degrade our nation’s first black female secretary of state until she graciously pulled out of the graduation program to prevent a faux controversy from ruining the day for the kids who didn’t suck.

Those of us who aren’t insane can’t follow the logic of it all. So I guess now, at the upcoming school year’s football games, we’re going to see a racially-diverse knight, a transgender knight, and a few others for good measure… provided none of them are Republicans? Am I getting this right?

Are these contrasting examples illustrating the absurdity for you?

This has NOTHING to do with tolerance; it has everything to do with virulent, backward, intolerant Leftism.

I said it before during the Condi Rice flap and I’ll say it again here: if RU wants to distinguish itself in a positive way after a long run of bad press, then it might want to consider becoming the institution that brings balance back to the Force instead of limping along behind the rest of the pack.

Teaching Rutgers students what they need to know to rebuild their generation’s shattered economy? That’s worth $25k. Every penny.

Brainwashing them into hypersensitive, rigidly-ideological bedwetters? At that point, they’d be better off putting the $100k+ investment for a Rutgers education into one of Cory Booker’s tech start-ups. 

Dean Wormer said it best, kids:

Get your act together, losers. You’re devaluing my degree, wasting everyone’s time/resources and rendering yourselves unemployable.

You went to college (and spent BIG money) to learn how to think, not WHAT to think, and eventually get a job?

I hope?

Not rid the world of gremlins, demons, microaggressions and other imaginary creatures that your crazy professors claim are hiding under our beds?

Until ya’ll wise up: Rutgers receives hundreds of millions of dollars in state aid, and it’s time to reconsider our collective investment in this far-left think tank, particularly in light of the state’s ongoing fiscal crisis. Why should we subsidize crazy? I can’t think of one good reason.


12 thoughts on “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, RU students!

  1. I don’t know why it reflects on the ENTIRE Rutgers student body when it is only a minority of students who are making this ridiculous demand. This stuff is happening ALL over the country and is NOT isolated to Rutgers or NJ so why do New Jerseyans constantly act as if anything ridiculous that happens has to be only NJ? Do we have that little of pride in this state?

  2. In 1994 the new Rutgers football stadium opened. This one had an electronic scoreboard with a video screen. Tradition was to sing the alma mater after the national anthem. So now they put the words on the screen. Give Rutgers the opportunity to do something badly and they will. The gender studies groups somehow persuaded athletics to change the alma mater from “resolved that I should be a man” to resolved that I should be a man or a woman”.Bad move! The words were on the screen and the crowd roundly booed it. They tried it a couple of more times with the same result. Someone finally woke up and deleted “or a woman”. The new diverse knight is just a 20 year replay of the alma mater.

  3. Wow… Smh lots of anger. If the author equates in touch with LGBTQ issues with fat, drunk and stupid, and the reason for youth underemployment, than maybe he’s right. Blame Rutgers for giving the author a degree. He makes us all from NJ look bad.

  4. I would not judge an entire academic institution based on a few. At this point I know more than a few buttheads who attended, and perhaps even graduated from top tier schools. I would not judge a person’s life potential strictly on the school which they may attend. That would be highly prejudicial. Or is that the message? And some parents are not willing to bankrupt their retirement on a fancy name branded *so important* school. In my case if there is any retirement to be had after our NJ moron is all finished killing my pension. Sorry. Wrong topic.

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