Menendez’s trial is staying in New Jersey

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Bob Menendez (D-Dominican Republic, Ecuador) will be judged by a jury of his peers in the Garden State, Save Jerseyans, not down in D.C.

Newark's old federal courthouse
Newark’s old federal courthouse

That was the ruling of U.S. District Court Judge William Walls on Tuesday, rejecting an attempt by Senator Menendez’s lawyers to relocate the matter to the District of Columbia.

“Defendant’s allegations were mostly naked without the clothes of reality,” Walls said in a strongly-worded decision read from the bench. “This case will certainly not be better off in the District of Columbia.”

The trial is tentatively scheduled to begin on October 13th in Newark.

Menendez and Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen were indicted on multiple criminal counts back in April; shortly thereafter, federal prosecutors filed a new 76-count indictment accusing Melgen of perpetrating a massive Medicare fraud scheme.


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