FINAL ROUND: Who is Bergen’s best GOP mayor?

By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

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Seven finalists: which is Bergen’s best GOP mayor?

The big moment has arrived, Save Jerseyans.

After four rounds (over two weeks) of regional online polling and well over 1,000 (!) ballots cast, we’ve winnowed the list down to seven finalists…

A quick word about the methodology: we had originally planned to pick the top two mayoral contenders from each Bergen County region but, as voting commenced, there was clear separation in the pack. The lowest vote-getter of the seven finalists listed below was at least 30-40 votes ahead of the rest of the candidates, most of whom failed to crack the 30-vote threshold when we stopped counting over the weekend. We didn’t think it’d be fair to include the #2 finisher in a particular region, for example, when several others from other regions got significantly more support.

So without further adieu, let the final round of voting begin! The poll is below the fold. Everyone gets one vote (this is a Republican election, after all) and voting will continue right up until Midnight on Monday, August 31st after which point we’ll tally the results and announce a winner… 

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